Stress and Burnout

We all experience stress at some points in our lives. Stress can be short lived or it can be around for long periods of time. It can affect people both emotionally and physically, and it can affect the way people behave. Moreover, severe stress can also sometimes lead to suicidal feelings.

Symptoms of stress may include:

  • irritability
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling anxious, nervous or afraid
  • having racing thoughts
  • inability to enjoy oneself
  • Depression
  • lacking interest in life
  • feeling lonely
  •  Anxiety
  • finding it hard to make decisions
  • constantly worrying
  • Unhealthy eating behaviours
  • problem behaviours
  • being tearful or crying

Our therapists will help you determine the origins of your stress and burnout and how it impacts other areas of your life. You will learn to reduce your stress levels through the development of effective coping mechanisms.

Learning to listen to your body is a crucial component of therapy for stress and burnout. Although burnout develops gradually, being able to recognise when things are building up will help you avoid relapsing in the future.