“Christine is a brilliant psychologist and she was so understanding and supportive of my needs. Each session had a focus which really helped to turn my life around and her positivity and compassionate nature was inspiring.

I worked with Christine for a few months and I felt completely at ease with her and could always talk openly. She has taught me so many new techniques to help with anxiety and managing my life and I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend her as a superb therapist and would not hesitate to see her again if I need to.”

“Very thoughtful and caring. Professional, extremely high level of training, really wants the best for each and every client. She is non-judgmental and compassionate. I thoroughly recommend seeing her.”

“Doing some great work with Liz [Elizabeth Harte] and look forward to each session.”
“Compassionate, insightful and very perceptive. I would highly recommend Christine Langhoff. She helped me before the birth of my second child after a traumatic first birth and empowered me to make clear decisions for myself. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”
“I was initially recommended to Christine Langhoff for CBT due to trauma following a cancer diagnosis. Christine immediately saw this wasn’t what I needed and instead, created a safe, compassionate & intelligent way to find what would, in reality, help me most.”