Parenting Difficulties

Being a parent can be a real challenge, and sometimes parenting difficulties can arise in a variety of different ways. Our therapists and counsellors are able to provide parenting advice and guidance on how you can best support your child. They understand that parenting difficulties can be a huge source of stress, and therapy is a good step towards relieving such stress.

Within the session you and the therapist can determine whether these struggles are situational or emotional. From there you can work together to help resolve these difficulties. 

Some of the common parenting difficulties that our therapists can help support you with include: 

  • Struggling with self confidence and the high expectations that come with being a parent.
  •  Exploring ways to provide support to your child if they are displaying behaviours such as clinginess, anger, or disrespect.
  • Providing sufficient support for your child if they are being bullied.
  • Helping to provide strategies to cope with a child that is refusing to attend school.

Our experienced team of clinical psychologists and counsellors have extensive training to help parents with whatever they may need support with.