Dr Marina Dimova

Counselling Psychologist in East Dulwich, PsychD, BSc Hons
Dr Dimova Headshot

As a counselling psychologist, I am trained to critically evaluate and flexibly draw on existing theories and research in the service of responding to each individual’s unique context and goals.

I have experience of working with clients with a variety of difficulties. For instance, I have worked in community substance misuse services, as well as primary and secondary care NHS services. Currently alongside my work at CPP, I am proud to be part of a specialist eating disorders service and a community project for people with diagnosis of psychosis. My approach can be particularly useful when it comes to difficulties such as anxiety (including panic attacks, OCD and social anxiety), self-criticism, life transitions, loss of sense of meaning and purpose in life, and addressing problematic habits which you feel ready to shift.

I am passionate about helping people recognise what stands in the way of what truly matters to them in life and implement long-term workable change strategies.  Whilst I draw on approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, at its core, my practice is humanistic, valuing the person as a whole and respecting and trusting their innate wisdom, resilience, and agency.  I endeavour to work with people pluralistically which in practice means collaboratively agreeing on the direction of our work together, regularly reviewing and discussing the process and having an honest dialogue considering different perspectives.

I am able to offer both face-to-face in East Dulwich and virtual sessions.

“Human beings are like rivers; the water is one and the same in all of them but every river is narrow in some places, flows swifter in others; here it is broad, there still, or clear, or cold, or muddy or warm. It is the same with people. Every person bears within them the germs of every human quality, and now manifests one, now another, and frequently is quite unlike themselves, while still remaining the same person.”

Leo Tolstoy


BSc (Hons) in Psychology – University of Exeter

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (PsychD) – University of Roehampton

Client Groups

Adolescents 16+



Friday afternoons and early evening





Other Face-to-Face Locations:

Oru Space, East Dulwich