Family Therapy

Family Therapy, also known a systemic psychotherapy aims to strengthen familial communication, alter negative behaviours, and resolve disputes – rather than just focusing on one person’s experiences, it emphasises the relationships among a group of people. The Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT) recommends therapy for families experiencing complex situations.

Sometimes an incident occurs that affects the entire family (e.g., bereavement, a divorce, health problems). and other times it seems to affect only one individual (e.g., depression, job loss, bullying), but the consequences spread across the whole system. Families can take on a variety of forms, much like a sports team. When we work together well, we may incredibly effective, but when one team member is injured, it negatively impacts the entire group. 

Family Therapists can help you to reconnect, communicate, understand one another, and come back together as a family by listening to everyone’s voice. It enables family members to express and explore thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. And it invites people to better understand each other’s experiences and to appreciate their needs. It focuses on people’s strengths and abilities, and seeks to utilise these to make meaningful changes to their lives. 

Our family therapists are highly experienced working with children and families in the NHS and private practice. If you would like to book an initial consultation, please feel free to fill out our referral form.