Experience the transformative power of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Designed to help individuals overcome traumatic events and anxiety disorders, EMDR is a proven therapeutic approach recommended by NICE guidelines for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

But what exactly is EMDR? Imagine your mind as a powerful tool, capable of processing life’s experiences in a healthy way. However, when faced with overwhelming emotions, such as during a traumatic event, your brain may struggle to process information effectively. These memories can become “stuck” in time, exerting a lasting negative influence on your life and relationships.

EMDR offers a unique opportunity to unlock these stuck memories and facilitate healing. By engaging in sessions with a trained EMDR therapist, you embark on a journey of reprocessing these traumatic memories. Through gentle techniques like eye movements, sounds, or taps, your therapist guides your brain in integrating these memories on an emotional level.

The result? A profound shift in the way you perceive and relate to past events, freeing you from their emotional grip. EMDR not only addresses PTSD but also proves effective in managing anxiety, phobias, and more.

Ready to take the first step towards recovering from trauma or anxiety? Schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled EMDR therapists today. Embrace a brighter tomorrow, liberated from the shadows of the past.

We have several expert psychologists and EMDR therapists who work with adult clients. In addition, Dr Isabelle Lensvelt and Dr Isabel Battye also offer EMDR for children in East Dulwich and Sydenham, respectively. Vivien Glasser, child psychotherapist, also offers EMDR as part of her child and adolescent therapy sessions in East Dulwich. EMDR therapy is offered in the following locations: Online, East Dulwich, Forest Hill, Sydenham and Sutton.

Please feel free to book an initial consultation with one of our EMDR therapists today!