Couples Therapy

At Circle Psychology Partners we offer couples therapy in person in London and online. Couples therapy involves partners actively working to address issues within their relationship. Most therapists have joint meetings for all sessions, whilst some incorporate individual sessions. Typically sessions target relationship concerns and needs, as well as adjustment to life situations.

When two people get together, they each bring their unique personalities and life experiences to the partnership. In the beginning of a relationship, these weaknesses are frequently easier to accept, but as time goes on, they may become less tolerable, which can lead to  unhappiness and relationship discord.

In couples therapy, the origins and underlying causes of relationship patterns are explored. Once these have been established, methods to break out of these habits are utilised in order to find new, connection-promoting ways for the couple to interact. This often leads to higher relationship satisfaction and healthier communication. 

Sometimes couples attend sessions after they have decided to separate and they want to do so amicably. Our therapists can help with this process and establish better ways of communicating and relating. They may also discuss how to effectively co-parent after a separation.

Couples therapy utilises a variety of approaches and our therapists employ different therapeutic approaches, including Systemic Therapy and Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT).

Contact us now to book couples therapy in London (East Dulwich and Herne Hill) or online. In person sessions are available during weekday daytimes only.