Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy involves partners actively working to address issues within their relationship. These services largely involve joint meetings, as well as some individual sessions, and typically target relationship concerns and needs, as well as adjustment to life situations.

Understanding the dynamics of the relationship and the patterns that are operating are typically the main objectives of Couples Therapy. When two people get together, they each bring their unique personalities and life experiences to the partnership. In the beginning of a relationship, these weaknesses are frequently easier to accept, but as time goes on, they become less tolerable, which can lead to a lot of unhappiness.

 In Couples Therapy, we attempt to understand the origins and underlying causes of these patterns. Once this has been established, we look at methods to break out of these habits and find new, connection-promoting ways for you to interact. Assisting you both to satisfy one other’s needs and establish healthier communication. 

Couples Therapy utilises a variety of appraoches, as with individual therapy, Our therapists employ different therapeutic approaches, including Systemic Therapy and Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT).