Cognitive Assessments

At Circle Psychology Partners cognitive assessments are provided for children and adolescents. Cognitive Assessments are formal assessments aimed at identifying areas of strengths strengths and difficulties.

They cover a wide range of skills and abilities, such as; language, verbal reasoning, spatial awareness, non-verbal problem solving, memory, processing speed, reading, writing, spelling and maths. Cognitive Assessments may also involve details about intelligence and IQ.

Cognitive Assessments can be used in helping to identify specific learning disabilities. The identification of the challenges that an individual is having can be used to ensure that appropriate help may be put in place to assist them to achieve their full potential.

Cognitive assessments may also show areas which warrant further investigation by other professionals such as speech and language therapists, psychiatrists or educational psychologists.

Conversely, cognitive assessments can also be helpful for children who have high levels of intelligence as they can suggest approaches which will prevent boredom and consequently poor behaviour or social isolation at school.

Our Cognitive Assessments Therapists