Clara Zethraeus

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist in East Dulwich, MA, MA, MA, PGCert, DipPSych, BA (Joint Hons)
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I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist supporting children, adolescents, young adults up to the age of 25, and families facing emotional challenges. I have over 15 years of experience across the NHS, social care, and the voluntary sector.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a way of helping children and young people understand and manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors through paying attention to the meaning of their communications. In the context of a safe and nurturing environment, I listen carefully and think together with each person to make sense of the difficulties. This can lead to healthier relationships with themselves and others, leading to improved emotional wellbeing, resilience and self-esteem.

I use a combination of talking therapy, play and creative expression, and I may integrate techniques from other approaches such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to meet the unique needs of each individual. My training also includes systemic therapy, which helps me to think about dynamics within families and peer groups, and I can offer sessions with parents as part of the work.

I work with a wide range of emotional difficulties, including anxiety, low mood, self-esteem and relationship issues, and trauma. I support children and young people with difficulties which might stem from experiences of loss, family break up, trauma, or abuse, as well as the more ordinary challenges of growing up.

Children, young people and families might come wanting help with a specific problem or difficulties which feel more pervasive. I can offer both short or longer term work, however I am always holistic in my thinking and believe that at its heart, psychotherapy is not just about alleviating symptoms but about fostering long-term personal growth.

Establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship is always the first step towards meaningful change.

I see clients at Oru Space in East Dulwich.

Please kindly note that I only see self funding clients. I do not work with any private medical insurance providers.


Masters in Child and Family Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; The Tavistock and Portman, 2023

Masters in Psychodynamics of Human Development; British Psychotherapy Foundation 2020

Masters in Social Work; University of Hertfordshire 2015

Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills; WPF Therapy 2010
Diploma in Psychology (Conversion for Graduates); 2007
Bachelors Degree English and Philosophy (Joint Hons); University of Leeds 2005

Client Groups



Young adults (up to 25)



Monday afternoons and evenings


£100 – individuals





Other Face-to-Face Locations:

East Dulwich