Child Therapy

Child therapy focuses on a child’s psychological needs.  Such needs can include behaviours, emotion, growth, and/or skill development. Our psychologists are highly trained to support the needs of your child and family. Generally, at the present time, we specialise in working with children over the age of five.

Child Therapy services we provide include help with:

  • Coping with loss, anger, temper tantrums, and other difficult emotions.
  • Depression, anxiety, self harm, low self-esteem, stress, trauma or grief.
  • Social exclusion/bullying, and other issues with adjusting to school.
  • Managing a medical illness.
  • Sleeping difficulties/bed-wetting.
  • Eating and food-related problems.

Each of these services are provided individually, however they may also involve work with other problems. For instance, if bed wetting is a concern, multiple services may be used at one to tackle this issue alongside others. This would be the case for the majority of behavioural issues.

Moreover, in the hope to best support your child, our therapists will work with you to find the cause of their difficulties. Furthermore, they will try and create a safe space for them to feel understood. Hence, with this purpose in mind, our therapists use a number of different approaches. For example, CBT, ACT, family therapy, and/or parenting guidance can all help to assist them with whatever they need support with. 

Feel free to book an initial consultation with one of our child psychologists on the team today.