Grief is a natural process and everyone goes through grief in their individual way. The signs of grief are often similar and you may experience one or more of the following: sadness, guilt, anger, shock, denial, fear and feeling insecure. Grief sometimes also manifests itself in physical ways such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, increased or lack of appetite and difficulties concentrating.

Therapy can help with coming to terms with losses, including the death of a loved one, redundancy or moving home. In therapy clients can learn to deal with painful and confusing emotions and develop productive and individualised coping mechanisms. Therapy provides a safe space to explore feelings in a confidential and supportive environment.

Our therapists are trained to support children, adolescents and adults with their grief. They work with all stages of the grieving process including recent loss as well as complicated grief some time after the loss.

Dr Langhoff also specialises in working with parents who have experienced perinatal losses such as miscarriages, pregnancy terminations (including late stage terminations), stillbirth and neonatal losses.