Everybody encounters stressful circumstances from time to time in life., such as an exam or job interview, and these situations can cause intense feelings of anxiety or even panic. These feelings are common and usually do not occur frequently. 

 However, it can be problematic when anxiety is triggered by everyday situations. You may be experiencing an anxiety disorder if your excessive worries or fears, whether they are rational or not, are preventing you from experiencing life to the fullest. It can be extremely distressing and problematic if anxiety is having a significant negative effect on an individual’s day to day functioning. 

Everyone experiences anxiety differently.  Symptoms you may experience include:

  •     Excessive worrying and/or a persistent sense of dread
  •     Feeling agitated or restless
  •     Panic attacks
  •     Irritability
  •     Sleep disturbances
  •     Shortness of breath and/or racing heart
  •     Feelings of constant tiredness
  •     Loss of self-confidence, self-doubt

In this case, according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), talking therapies are a recommended form of treatment for anxiety. With this in mind, we have specialists for children, adolescents and adults. Our evidence based therapeutic approaches include CBT, ACT, CFT and psychotherapy.

Feel free to speak with our experienced team of clinical and counselling psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors offer therapy and counselling for anxiety in London and online.