Anger Therapy

We all feel angry from time to time, but constant, uncontrollable anger can be an incredibly destructive emotion. Moreover, it can be damaging to personal and professional relationships. It may also put the person and people around them at risk of harm.

Anger management therapy focuses on helping clients change their attitude towards situations that might provoke their anger. According to the American Psychological Association, therapy can be an extremely effective method to help control your anger. There are three predominant strategies that therapists use: 

  • Progressive relaxation: where the therapist will help clients learn how to relax when thinking about situations that make them angry.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT can help clients find alternative ways to think about situations that will make them less likely to feel angry.
  • Skill development: Learning new behaviours can help with how we react when we are angry. For example, parents may learn how to communicate better with their children.

Other therapies that are effective at helping clients manage their anger include: 

Clients will examine precipitating factors for their anger together with and then learn skills to manage these feelings more effectively.

Therapy may also focus on examining other emotions which often arise alongside anger such as shame and fear. In addition, clients learn to communicate in more effective ways.

Our qualified team of therapists are dedicated and ready to help you overcome your anger. Feel free to book an initial consultation today to start your therapy journey.