About Us

Welcome to Circle Psychology Partners! 

We are a group of highly skilled Doctors of Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists. In particular, we specialise in providing rapid access to evidence based private therapy and counselling.

All of our clinicians are experts in the delivery of individually tailored treatments. For instance, we provide therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Additionally, we offer sensitive, non-judgmental and confidential therapy for a range of psychological, emotional and relational difficulties. 

For example, our team of experienced therapists can help with a range of disorders, notably from perinatal disroders to depression, to OCD. In order to best support you, we provide private therapy that ultimately suits your needs. 

Our approaches include:

With this in mind, we have appointments available on weekdays, evenings as well as weekends. In addition to in person therapy sessions, our clinicians also offer online and telephone counselling sessions. 

Overall, if what you are looking for is face to face sessions, our primary therapy rooms are based in Oru Space, East Dulwich. However, some of our clinicians are also based in Herne Hill, Dulwich Village, Sydenham.